Development of a proper corporate structure, taking your Boards out of management and into governance.

Partnerships with first class, prompt and affordable service providers.

Fiscal Management Services

Your Bridgegate team works together to provide the most up to the minute information about the financial status of your Corporation.

Property Physical Maintenance

Bridgegate is proactive in maintaining your homes and investments. With regular site inspections your manager will ensure that regular maintenance is being carried out to the highest standards.

Bridgegate Advantage — Management System

The Management System used by Bridgegate is not only derived by years of experience in managing Corporations, but Bridgegate is also paving the way in our digital age.

Bridgegate Property Management Group

Bridgegate is a locally owned company that has expertise in managing corporations with multi-million dollar budgets and projects. The Bridgegate management team has been managing corporations for over 50 years.

Bridgegate Property Management provides an all-encompassing condominium management service, allowing the Board to govern rather than manage the Property. Your management team will develop a corporate structure for the Board taking them out of management and into governance.

Bridgegate Managers understand that your Condominium Corporation is not only your home, it is your investment. We take great pride in understanding the current and future needs of the property to maintain and enhance the quality of your investment. Read More …

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